Spring Cleaning: How I Reset My Digital Space

Happy Spring! I am finally home for the summer after a mentally and physically draining spring semester at school. I’m looking forward to warmer weather, but before I get too comfortable, I want to make sure my space is free of negative energy and clutter. Spring Cleaning here I come!

Since I work with technology in school, the first thing I want to tackle is my digital space. This will be the first of a four part series about my spring cleaning process. I was inspired to make this series after watching a great video by Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic. She made the video as a way to start 2018, but I think it can be applied to any transition period.

I made a very thorough list of small things you can do to clean up your digital space. As I write, I’m following along! Stay tuned to the end of the post for a digestible checklist of tasks.


At the beginning of the new year, I made the decision to move all of my photos, regardless of how special or un-special they were, from my phone to my laptop. I needed storage, but more importantly, I wanted to be able to make room in my life for new memories. It feels really good, and those photos are saved in a place of your choice when you want to reminisce.

I’m doing this again after finishing the semester, but before anything else, I will delete useless photos– like screenshots of conversations and accidental photos of walls.


Social media takes up a huge chunk of my digital space in 2018. I love Instagram’s bookmark feature, but I’ve noticed that after a couple of months, they really add up! I know I saved them for something, so for spring cleaning, I went through all of my social media bookmarks. I tried to delete most of them or make a note about a product or person.

Take time this season to take a step back from social media. If you find that scrolling through your feed is stressful or frustrating, there must be a reason why. Unfollow accounts that don’t add something positive or constructive to your life.


It is super easy to get carried away downloading fun apps and features to your phone. In my spring cleaning, I delete unused apps, voicemails, contacts, notes, alarms– the list goes on. This was a great time of self-reflection for me- why was I holding on to these things? It is also an easy way to make a master to-do list of forgotten tasks and ideas.


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.38.49 PM.png

The last and most important step of spring cleaning your digital space– the computer! First, clean up whatever platform you use to store your files, whether it’s your desktop or Google Drive. Then, go through your email account. Unsubscribe from any brands you feel like you delete automatically, and while you’re at it, delete your account with them, too. Trust me, it feels good! Finally, clean up your browser bookmarks, and update software. If you have an external hard drive, save it!

Spring Cleaning (2).png

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